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Through our Adopt-a-school programme, we are driving the STEM Education revolution in Africa, with a focus on schools that serve students from low-income communities. 

We also provide professional development opportunities for STEM teachers; equipping the current and next generation of teachers with the right tools to foster a student-centered  learning environment.

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STEM Connect gives you that extra oomph in your CV!.


The online challenge will give you the rare opportunity to speak with Leaders in STEM about their new and upcoming research projects as they share insights into cutting-edge research. 

The one day event will have 4 exciting seminars facilitated by STEM experts.


Each Expert will launch a challenge at the end of their talk, giving participants one week to solve each challenge. 

The Deborah Arise Programme.

An entry-level coding bootcamp for girls aged 13-18.

In Summer 2021, we launched the Deborah Arise Programme, working with our partners in delivering an interactive boot camp which trained 50 girls on the basics of coding and design. 

Many of the girls were using technology tools for the first time. The programme serves as an introductory learning experience for young girls, inspiring them to explore their creative and digital skills.



To find out more about the programme and how you can get involved

Support STEM Education

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Ignite 2021

In partnership with Cedar Tribe this programme focused on providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with professional skills.

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Hanging Gardens 2020

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.

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Science Treasure Hunt

Science Treasure Hunt is a fun way for them to identify science in their community - in their homes and immediate environment. 

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Education in Emergencies

2020 was the year that disrupted education. The lives of our students and teachers were impacted economically

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