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Our Projects

Tailored Projects with partners

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Education in Emergencies

COVID19 Response providing food to over 160 student families & teachers  in need: 

2020 was the year that disrupted education. The lives of our students and teachers were impacted economically and as part of our emergency response, we partnered with Lagos Food Bank in providing much-needed food to the families of our students & teachers.

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Hanging Gardens 2020

Whayinana Nursery & Primary School Makoko

The Hanging Gardens of Babylon were one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World.


Our students in Whanyinna  Nursery and Primary school located in Makoko decided to replicate this wonder in our present day.  

Ignite 2021

In partnership with Cedar Tribe this programme focused on providing young people from disadvantaged backgrounds with professional skills. 

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Community Learning - Science Treasure Hunt

As a result of COVID19 and the closure of schools, we had to think of a new and engaging way to teach science to our students who had no access to technology at home.


We came up with the Science Treasure Hunt a fun way for them to identify science in their community - in their homes and immediate environment. 

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